Tata Global Beverages – Basic insights for potential investors

Generally I am media shy. Hence in spite of being the top investor into the Tata group from Mirdiff, an upmarket residential location in Dubai, I am not hounded by press reporters. I know that I can enjoy this peace and calm only for a few more months until eventually I get to be the top investor from the Middle east into the Tata Group.

An author, 22 months in waiting

Two days ago, I met a charming, joyful, youthful man in his mid-fifties at the Kochi airport. His fair-skinned face was made brighter with his clean-shaven, moustache-removed face. I have much respect and love for this person, partly because he is a farmer sowing seeds of love and harmony into the lives of disturbed families across the breadth & depth of Kerala, partly because there is much serenity and peace in his warm personality.

​Speaking at every opportunity

Yesterday, after getting back from a 4-day trip to Kochi, Joseph, my first-born delighted me. He mentioned that he made a speech in his new school. As part of the class leader selection process, public speaking was required.

He guessed that he stood little chance of winning the selection process as 90% of the students in his class were old students. Nonetheless, as he had something meaningful to speak, he decided to stand up and speak.