Lady at the Well

Lady at the well

The Lady at the Well is a well-known passage in the Bible. This happened in Samaria. Jacob had dug the well and it became Joseph’s inheritance.

It was noon time. It was blistering hot. Hardly anyone came to the well at this time. Yet, for the very same reason, this lady came to the well at that time. She did not want to meet anyone. She thought she could come to the well, draw water and leave without having to meet and interact with anyone.

Bob Goff, author of Love Does

Bob Goff, author of Love Does

I met Bob Goff in mid 2023. He’s a lawyer by profession. But he caught my attention because he was doing sweet things in his surroundings and laughing out loud. He did the best things possible around him, rather than traveling to the corners of the world.

I found him to think, speak and live Jesus Christ. Yes, truly believe that he’s indeed becoming the image of Christ Jesus, every day, any place he is. Truth and sincerity was in every moment I engaged with him.