Declarations for focus and direction

Declarations for focus and direction

The starting point to this declaration was Proverbs 4:18 But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn That shines brighter and brighter until the full day. (version NASB)

This verse is the promise of the year in the church I attend. Earlier this morning during prayer time along with my wife, she mentioned that Joshua was misled by the Gibeonites. He had not sought the Lords guidance when the people from Gibeon approached him. He would not have been deceived if he had sought the Lord. During the time of prayer, the Holy Spirit quickened me to make declarations on this topic to bless many including me. Here is the fruit of my obedience to Him. 

Lord I will walk in your perfect will. I want to follow Your plans and purposes for my life.

I choose to please you Lord with my words, thoughts and actions.

I know for certain, all the wisdom for focus and direction I need, I will receive liberally from you. You give this without any limitation, as I ask with faith. I have total confidence, knowing that you give wisdom to all who ask

I will seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first. I know that all the grace for living a life with focus and direction I will receive from the Lord. 

As I fear my Lord, I am in the path of Godly wisdom, which is superior to worldly wisdom.

I love God with all my heart and strength and life. I will love my neighbour as I love myself. I will be true to these commandments all the days of my life.

My righteousness is from Jesus Christ. Hence my path will be like the light of dawn, increasing in brightness until the perfect day.

I receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit alerting me about distractions and time wasters in my life.

I obey the Holy Spirits leadings and stay away from distractions and time wasters.

In the season of war, I will be in the battlefield. I will not spend time being distracted by liquor, drugs, other women/men, pornography and such things which the Lord hates. I will not waste time on matters of envy, jealousy, gossip and pride.  

Obedience to the Lord matters to me most. I will please the Lord in decisions which I take. By the spirt of the Lord I am determined to follow through the decisions I take. I will not give any lame excuses to me. With self discipline I will stop wasting time on such videos, movies, social media and other distractions and time wasters as the Holy Spirit directs me.

I choose to be humble and clothed in humility. I will not give in to pride, arrogance, anger, anxiety, quarells and such matters which the Lord hates.

I hear the voice of the Lord during prayer, bible reading, prayer time and also through the thoughts, nudges, dreams and visions from the Lord. 

I will read my goals through the day and evaluate my progress in reaching them. I will ask and seek the Lords guidance in achieving them.  

Like Lazarus sister, Mary I will spend time with the Lord. I will be still and hear from the Lord.

I am focussed. I follow the Lords perfect will for my Life. I will evaluate my routine periodically. 

As I follow the Lords instructions, I will be a person with focus and direction. Like a tree planted by the riverside, I will be fruitfull in all seasons of my life. 

All these I declare in the matchless and powerful name of Jesus Christ, my Lord of my saviour. Amen.