Prophetic Prayer, Declarations (26+ categories, 500+ declarations)

Prophetic Declarations,Bible Based Powerful Prayers

From this page, you will be navigating through 500+ powerful prophetic prayer declarations – all of them are based on the verses from the Bible – as these are true, these are the living Word of God. Be blessed in your life’s transformational journey.

What do you find here?
Here you have a treasure trove in these pages. Select and specific Word of God used to attack and defend, to cut and prune – so that the limitations of the past are a matter of the past. Follow these prophetic declarations as a daily morning prayer and evening prayer before you go to rest. Do so consistently for sixty days. Have a new notebook writing down what the Holy Spirit shows you during the next sixty days. Have a transformational journey of the Lord over you and your life circumstances.

The 500+ prophetic prayer declarations are classified into 30+ categories. Choose the category you are in greatest need of at this time and season of your life.

What are Prayers?
Prayers help us grow in our relationship with our triune God, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. In prayers, we communicate with God. We can include praises, worship, petitions, prayerful reading of the Holy Bible, meditating on the Word of God (Holy Bible), and many more.

What are Prophetic Declarations?
In Prophetic Declarations, we declare the will of God over our lives. We can use the prophetic word which we have received as a declaration. We can also use the specific promises of God mentioned in the Bible in our declarations. As children of the highest God, we can also decree the word of God over every aspect of our life, family, neighborhood, company, business, city, country…..and others.

Prophetic Declarations are a type of prayer, where we speak God’s will into our lives. The Holy Bible has God’s will for our lives. “The tongue has the power of life and death.” (Ref Proverbs 18:21). Thus, in Declarations, we speak by aligning our words to the Living Word, so that God’s plans and purposes are achieved. So we are prophetically declaring God’s will into our life and circumstances. We are aware of some verses in the Bible meant for our enemies, hence we need to be careful and selective about the verses we declare. Examine if the verse is aligned to what a loving father God would want us to have or become…. Asking the Holy Spirit for guidance is a good step in this direction.

You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you, And the light will shine on your ways. (Refer Job 22:28 NASB)

500+ declarations in over 26+ categories

Here is the list of declarations.
Choose the one or two you need most in this season of your life.

The list is being updated periodically. Bookmark it if you like them. Share it with your loved ones, in case you think they will benefit.

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Declarations – Spirit of God

Declaration: The Lord makes a way. My prosperity is from him

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Declarations:Your Identity In Christ

Declaration Prayers for Children of God

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Declaration’s : Rest, Sleep

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