Powerful Bible based prayers for all seasons, situations & circumstances

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The Bible is God’s Word for our lives. God’s word equips us to be victorious in life. As we trust in God for all matters, we are to articulate our wants and our needs. Using the words Jesus taught us to pray, using the prayers of Jesus, using the prayers in the psalms, using prayers from the epistles of Paul, old and New Testament places us in the victorious pathway as we use the very themes and words found in Bible verses. 

Many of us know only the Lord’s prayer, the prayer Jesus taught the disciples.  But there are many other prayers of Jesus in the four gospels.  

Go through the list of prayers available on this website. The list is updated with additional prayers every now and then. Do bookmark this page and share it with your near and dear ones. 

Click on any of the links given below.
In each link, you have prayers for specific life situations and circumstances. All of these are based on Bible verses. Pray and get breakthroughs.  Pray continuously – every morning or night. Or through the day. Your breakthrough will not be far.

Powerful Morning Prayer based on Bible Verses

Prayer for speaking gracefully

Prayer against anxiety and fear

One thing I desire Prayer

Persistent prayers brings miracle

Declaration Prayers for success at work place.

Your prayer is heard, it’s not forgotten

Prayers for the dying unbeliever

Prayer before reading the Bible

You will light my lamp Prayer

Repentance & Purity Prayer

Prayer’s: Repentance, restoration (based on Book of Joel)

Prayers by Jesus and Paul

Your powerful prayer partner!

Prayer for your business

Prayers for Spiritual Wisdom and Growth

Powerful prayers straight from the Bible

Why Pray? Do Prayers Make A Difference?

Prayer – Wisdom & Revelation

The power of the Lord’s prayer hidden from many

Prayers vs. Gratefulness – a casual observation

May my hands move at the Lords impulse

When I see the mountain, You see a mountain moved.

Praying from the Psalms