Declarations against Fear and Anxiety

Are you going through fear or anxiety? Is oppression or fear chasing you? Know any friends and family troubled. These declarations will remind us how God’s word will reveal the truth of the situation from Heaven’s perspective and make you bold and courageous. Repeat these a couple of times with understanding. Pray to the Holy Spirit for faith and understanding as you declare this. A moment’s prayer in faith will make a shift. The declarations based on portions of Isaiah 43 (NLT version) have been used to craft these declarations. This will bless you.

Start declaring after a brief prayer to the Holy Spirit seeking faith and understanding.

The Lord God Almighty is my Lord and Saviour. He knows me by my name.

The Lord says I am His. He loves me so much.

The Lord asks me not to be afraid. Hence, I am not afraid. I am not anxious.

The Lord is with me as I go through deep waters.

As the Lord is with me, I will not drown even when I go through rivers of difficulty.

As the Lord is with me, the fire of oppression will not burn me nor will the flames consume me.

The Lord says to me that I am precious to Him, and He loves me.

In obedience to the Lord’s command to me, I shall not be afraid.

The Lord says He will gather and protect my family across the world.

All who believe Yahweh is Lord and saviour will be protected.

Yahweh alone is my Lord. He chose me, to know Him, believe in Him, and understand Him.

I am protected by the Lord. No one can snatch me from the Lord.

From eternity to eternity, Yahweh alone is my Lord.

The Lord is doing a new thing for me. I am starting to see it.

I am excited as the Lord is making a pathway in the wilderness for me.

I am full of joy because the Lord is making rivers in the dry wasteland for me.

The Lord is the same. He is unchanging. I recall how the Lord made a dry pathway through the Red Sea to let the Israelites escape. Later, the very same dry path was flooded by the Lord and all enemies were drowned.

My Lord will protect me from all my enemies and fear I have. He is faithful to me.

The Lord will wipe out and remove all my sins and will never remember them again.

Yes, the Lord will make rivers in the dry wasteland, so that I will be refreshed.

I will rejoice in the Lord. He gives me freedom from fear and anxiety. My Lord gives me abundant peace and fullness of joy.