What does Jesus want you to pray for? + Bible Quiz

What does Jesus want you to pray for ..+ more Bible Quiz

Here is a unique Bible Quiz that will strengthen your faith. Try answering them after going through the questions. 

Do not scroll to the bottom of the page. Wait for a few moments. Exercise your brain. When you give a good try, your joy will be great when you finally compare the answers. 

These questions are only meant to increase your desire for a deeper relationship with your Lord Jesus Christ. Your eyes will start observing more details. 

Q1. What does Jesus want us to pray for? What is that specific matter?

Declare Your Identity In Christ

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Declare Your Identity In Christ

We have identities within the family we belong to. At one time, we can be a son, a brother as well as a husband, a father, a cousin brother, a nephew.  You can have a different set of identities and all those can also be true. We can also have identities in the organizations we serve, organizations we steward etc. 

We have an identity in Jesus Christ. This is a unique identity. This is an eternal identity. Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior, we keep this identity. The Bible verses about our identity in Christ can be discovered as you prayerfully read the Bible. These Bible verses are like promises. When the eyes of your heart see, when your soul gets a nudge, you can go for it. Take it and note down the Bible Verse in a notebook with a page title – Bible verses about my identity in Jesus Christ. Prayerfully start declaring these over your life. 

Your eyes have seen

Your eyes have seen

In our lives, we face situations and circumstances that are beyond our understanding.
These can make us stressed, worried, and even anxious.

Some of us may walk up and down more, lose sleep, and become angry. We may speak what we normally don’t. We may blame ourselves, others, and even God.

We may forget the promises that were held when life was normal, forgetting that the promises of God for us are always true.