Prayer For Repentance and Restoration (Book of Joel)

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Repentance,restoration prayers-book of Joel

I turn to You, Oh Lord, with all my heart,
with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.
I rend my heart and return to you, Lord, with all of my heart.
My brokenness is for You, not for man to see.

I tear my heart returning to You.
I know the wretchedness, slothfulness and sloppiness within me.
I hate the hypocrisy within me, living double standards I hate.
I have not put my heart, nor my whole being, in loving You.

I have not served you, nor served you with my heart.
I failed to see you in the suffering people around me.
I never tried to know you in the broken-hearted people around me.
I disobeyed the rules and laws you have given me to be a hedge around me.

I did not honour the leadership you have placed all around me.
If only I had recognised that your Lordship over me is supreme.
My understanding is not a requirement to do things Your way.

A surrendered heart is what you want, now I know,
A heart which does not seek understanding and logic as a crutch.

For You are gracious and merciful.
Slow to anger, and of great kindness;
And You relent from doing harm.

The Lord is zealous for His land and has pity on His people.
The Lord will no longer make me a reproach among the nations.

I will not fear;
I will be glad and rejoice,
I will be glad and rejoice.
For my Lord has done marvellous things for me!

The Lord has answered me.
The Lord is sending me grain and juice and oil;
I will be satisfied with them;
The Lord will not make me a reproach among heathen nations.

I see the wilderness has sprung up and is green;
the tree bears its fruit,
the fig tree and the vine yield their strength.

My Lord will give me the former rain and the later rain.
The floors shall be full of wheat and the fats shall overflow with fat and oil.

My Lord and saviour will restore to me all the years that the locusts have eaten,
my Lord will restore what the canker worm has eaten,
my Lord will restore what the caterpillar, and the palmer worm has eaten.

Yes, I believe and declare with all of my being.
The Lord will restore to me all the years that the locusts have eaten,
the canker worm, the caterpillar and the palmer worm.

I know that the Lord is in me.
I believe He surrounds me and what belongs to me like a shield.
I know that the Lord will pour out His spirit upon all flesh.
As sons and daughters, I shall prophesy God’s will.
As I shall see dreams and visions.

My hope is in the Lord.
I know He is greater than all the circumstances I face.
I believe God is good all the time.
His Mercy and Kindness brings restoration to me.