Tree of Life & Keys to Abundant, Long Life

Healthy Heart, Body and Bones 

The tree of Life is first mentioned in the first book of the Bible. It was in the Garden of Eden, in the centre of the garden. The centre of the garden represents the Holy Place. The fruit of this tree was  key to eternal life. It was for this reason Adam and Eve were asked to leave the garden of Eden, so that they would not in their disobedient, separated state from God  have the fruit from the Tree of life!!

Amazing and Powerful Prayers and Declarations for Success at Work

Make declarations daily, have a successful career

We are God’s creation. The works of our hand, glorifies God. As a farmer, scientist, servant, waiter, chef, pilot, teacher, whatever be our work. We are meant to Glorify God. 

Powerful Prayers and Declarations for success at work, for a successful career. Declare these aloud daily, prayerfully for six weeks for amazing results.