“You are the apple of my eye,” says God.

You are the apple of my eye

God speaks to you every day, even today. He says you are very special and dear to Him. The only reason you don’t hear Him is that you are extremely busy and involved in many things. Take time off daily. Be in a still place with Him. Seek to hear Him. He is drawing near to you. But if you surround yourself with much noise, a busy life, you may not hear your heavenly father. So sit quietly and read this letter from God to you. Remember how much he loves you. Use your name instead of the blank. He writes personally to you. Read it a few times; understanding simple things takes time.

…(your name), I love you very much, my dear little one.
However old you are, you are my little one, you will always be my baby.
What you say, what you do delights me.
Like a parent, I see and hear my child with excitement.
You are that child for me.

Be fully relaxed. Be at ease.
We are just having a few minutes of family time.
I want you to be at ease.

Be totally free of all the agenda you have for the day.
Do not think of the commitments you have in the day.
Now keep your mind away from all distractions.
Just think about my love for you.

Dear little one, you know that I created the world.
I made everything around you.
The sun, moon, and stars are my creation.
In all creation, you are very special to me.
You are the apple of my eye.
Don’t let your understanding limit your knowing of truth, eternal truths, kingdom truths.

The riches of the world are temporary.
Their value rises and often you have seen them noose dive.
It’s not consistent.
But Kingdom riches are eternal.
It’s value never changes.
It never gets lost or corroded.
Aim for such riches.
Work for growing in such riches.

I have already given you the Holy Spirit.
He is the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel.
He is the Comforter and Councellor.
He sees through the world.
Jesus came back to me so that you can have the Holy Spirit.

In all circumstances, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Every time he will lead in a superior wisdom far above the world.

You will know matters in advance.
You will know the thoughts of people around you.
You will speak words of wisdom you never thought you had.
You will speak as one with authority.
Just like Jesus Christ did.
You will be happy.
You will be in Peace.
You will be victorious.

I am excited as you let the spirit reign and rule over you.
When your life is surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance, you will be amazed by your words, thoughts and actions.
You will be able to give solutions in all situations.
You have wisdom beyond the understanding of the world.
Your joy will increase.
You will walk cloaked in humility.
Your humility is with power and authority from the Holy Spirit.

I will watch over your day.
I will rejoice in all what you do today.
Have a brilliant day.
You’re loving Heavenly Father.