God’s short and sweet message for you

God’s short and sweet message for you

God’s message specifically to you. When you read it a couple of times, you will get a better understanding of what he has hidden for you to discover. Read without hurry. Read it like an eager lover of God. This message for you is short but is soaked in love like the morning dew. Read this using your name. Even when you repeatedly read, use your name. Your God knows you by your name. (But I do not, hence I left it blank. )

(Speak your name), I am excited.
I have prepared a great day for you.
You will love this day.
You will thank me for the beautiful day it was for you.

Do you know the reason I love you?
I love you because you love Jesus Christ, you obey Him, you walk showing off the victorious resurrection life of Jesus.

Many walk half alive, sin conscious and under the weight of guilt.
You don’t have these.
I like this about you.
Wish they knew that the work on the cross was a finished work.
Wish they knew Jesus as you know Jesus.

I want them to kindle the abundant life in a few people when it is called today.
I will nudge you when you should do it.

I also like the way you show your joy with your lit up face.
You will bring hope and expectation to many people in the kingdom who walk without this awareness of my goodness.

You will feel my gentle touch through this day as a soft wind.
Love you much.
Much more than I can ever say.