Don’t be led by feelings

Don’t be led by feelings

God is your heavenly father. He speaks to you. He loves you very much and longs for a relationship with his children. He gives them the choice to speak to him and have a nurturing relationship with him. He takes the first step in the relationship. He has chosen you; he knows you. Now it is up to you to respond and take the next step. Read the letter that God has written to you. When you read it multiple times, you get more from it. Read it aloud and hear the love of a father for you, his precious child.

(Insert your name here), I love you. I love you very much.

I know you. I know everything about you.

I knew you before you were crafted in your mother’s womb.
I know your thoughts.
Just like I know Jesus Christ my begotten son, I know you.

I think about you. My thoughts about you are more numerous than the sand by the sea shore.

Jesus pleased me much. He loved me above all. He sought my will above all. He is my son in whom I am well pleased.

My desire is that you can love me with all your heart and all your soul.
I desire that your love for me gives you an abundant life.
I desire for you to have the fullness of life, a fulfilling life.
One secret is seeking my will and living a life surrendered to me.
It’s a free-will choice that you should make.
No coercion but only from a place of free will.
You can choose to do so only if you know my love for you.
You can make the choice only if you know about my love for you.
So learn and get to know about my love for you.

Many do not know about this secret.
Well it’s not a secret, hidden from my children.
It’s a secret hidden for my children to discover.
I hide them so that they discover it and their joy is great when they find it.

My little one, the choices you make are going to mark the course of your life.
You can choose according to your feelings.
You can choose according to what I, your Heavenly Father wills.
The most evident choice in front of you will be worldly.
It will be logical, it will be practical.
But when you check with me, I will lead you differently.
I will lead you in a pathway of fruitfulness in the Kingdom.
I will lead you so that you have a satisfying and wholesome life.
The joy you get when you walk in my ways and my will be wholesome.

Don’t follow feelings.
They are misleading.
My son Jesus had two route options to a specific destination: he chose the longer route.
The world would have led him on the shorter path.
Jesus as well as his disciples ended up travelling a longer route.
Jesus chose this longer route as he was directed by me, His father’s will.
In the longer route he met the lady at the well.

Jesus had the encounter with the Samaritian women who had come to the well to draw water when no one was at the well.
But Jesus was at the same well, a well dug by Jacob the patriarch of the woman.
She was at the well.
Jesus knew about her past, her present, and her future.
She was amazed. While she was hiding from the villagers, she chose to be at the well and draw water at a time when no one was expected there.

But Jesus was there. Jesus knew the perfect timing. He who chooses the longer route as His father directed him. He had a fruitful, thought-provoking, and revealing conversation with the Samaritan woman.

Do you know what happened later? The joy that Jesus knew all about her and her past brought her into experiencing a greater excitement. She who had chosen to live a secluded life, ran to the village where she lived. She went to the coffee shops where people were sipping coffee and chatting among themselves and told. The Messiah is here. He is at the well. He knows me. He spoke everything about me, about my past, about my present. He knew it all. I cannot say how amazed I am. Some were excited. Some were sceptical. They did not expect anything of value from this lady who had poor morals. Yet, seeing all the excitement of the rest, many sceptics also choose to follow the rest. After all, what do we have to lose, they reasoned among themselves. So a vast majority of them rushed to their homes and called their families and friends. All rushed towards the village pool.

The Samaritan women went to the field, people were farming there. They were having a water break. She told them the same thing that she told the people at the coffee shop. Many excited. Yet, the majority asked the field owner if they could take a break and headed towards the village.

At Jacob’s well, they saw Jesus. Jesus spoke to them. Their hearts become tender and touched by the truth which Jesus told them. The villagers told the Samaritan lady that they were convinced that Jesus was the messiah after hearing Jesus directly. Earlier they just gave the Samaritan women the benefit of doubt.

A whole village got to know Jesus as their saviour. Salvation came upon the village. The Samaritan woman became the first missionary, the most effective missionary, instrumental in bringing salvation to the whole village after her encounter with Jesus, all within a few hours.

Was this not a dramatic turn of events? It was the fruitful result of Jesus choosing to take the longer route—only because he chose the Father’s will. A decision contrary to the thinking of the world.

(Insert your name here), do you want your life journeys to be impactful?
Are you in a rush to reach your destination?
Are you willing to enjoy each journey?
Do you want to take the shorter journey? Journeys based only on the logic and reasoning of the world?

I have great plans for you.
You can choose them, have a fulfilling life.
It’s only up to you.
I want you to have joy.
I desire you to have abundant joy.
I bless you. I bless you, your family, and what you do richly.
Have an abundant life.

We will catch up again tomorrow.