What should you not seek? As per Jesus… + more Bible Quiz

What you should not seek As per Jesus ..+ more Bible Quiz

Here is a unique Bible Quiz to deepen your faith walk. Go ahead and try to answer them. 

You will do well by not scrolling to the bottom of the page. Be patient to read the answers. After you give it a good try, you can be certain that your joy will be great.

Remember this Quiz will increase your desire for a greater relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. You will discover that your thoughts will be directed by Jesus. You will read all that Jesus has told you already from the Bible, for the New Testament, from the Gospels. 

Q1. What does Jesus not want you to seek? 

Q2. Jesus asks us to sell something and instead provide ourselves something else. What are these things?

Q3. A GPS can give us the location of the place we drive to or the location of our mobile phone. How can you know the location of your heart? Jesus has a very specific answer. Do you know the answer of Jesus stated in the Holy Bible? 

Q4. Jesus calls many of us fools, hypocrites. Most likely this is true about many of us. Why is Jesus right about this?

Q5. Why does Jesus ask us to gird our waist? 

Q6. When do we become similar to a thief and get punished? Give the perspective of Jesus.

A1. Jesus does not want you to seek what you should eat, what you should drink, nor what you should wear. He does not want us to be anxious about any of these. 

The reasons Jesus wants us to seek after these as the world seeks after these things. 

Jesus wants us to seek only after the Kingdom of Heaven, and then, and then, and then, and then and then, and then all these things shall be added to us. (ref. Luke 12: 29-31, Luke 12: 22-24)

A2. Jesus wants us to sell what we have, what we possess. Sell what we have, our earthly possessions. He wants us to sell these and give alms. 

This way we provide us money bags, i.e. treasures in heavens that do not fail. Treasures that can not be stolen. Not even a moth can damage it. ( refer Luke 12:33) 

A3. Jesus knows all things including the location of your heart. He says where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Thus if your treasure is in Heaven, your heart will be precisely there. ( Luke 12:33-34)

A4. Jesus says that we rightly discern when seeing a cloud and it’s going to rain. When we feel a wind blow we say there will be heat. He’s appreciative about this. 

But he says that while we discern the weather well, we do not know the timings regarding the Kingdom Of Heaven, the timings with reward the coming of the 2nd coming, the timings with regarding the end times, the timings regarding the Kingdom of Heaven.

As fools and hypocrites we refuse to discern the timing of God. Many of us do not know if we are near the end times, coming tribulation etc. We live as spiritually blind people.  (Luke 12:54-56)

A5. Jesus wants us to gird our waist. He wants us to be ever ready, like servants waiting for their Lord. He wants us to be ready and well prepared for the Lord to return any time. Jesus says that faithful and wise steward Jesus would be ruler over his household.  ( Luke 12: 35-44)

A6. When we as a steward of the master’s house start beating the man and maid servants and treat them badly assuming that the Lord would not come any time soon. Such a steward of the Lord’s home will be caught red handed as the Lord would come when least expected and discovering all evil behaviour will punish him – treating him like the thief, beaten with many stripes. (Luke 12: 42-48)