Whom should we fear? As per Jesus ..+ more Bible Quiz

Whom should we fear? As per Jesus ..+ more Bible Quiz

The purpose of this Bible Quiz is not to shame you, but draw you near to the Bible. In the Bible, we have the Living Word of God.

If we truly love God, we will know his commands, we will know His will, we will know what is dear to His heart, we will live life pleasing Him, obeying Him in every way. We will not be doing anything that displeases our Lord Jesus. All this is mentioned and given in detail in the Bible.  

Read the gospels first. Then the rest of the New Testament. Then the old testament. Being very familiar with the Gospels is the most important first step. Everything else should be from the perspective, from the light gleaned after knowing Jesus, our Lord and saviour. 

Fall in love with the Bible once again. 

Q1. What type of fig tree Jesus wanted to cut down? Why?

Q2. If grape juice/wine is not available, why should you consider having Holy Communion using water instead?

Q3. What should you say after you heal the sick as per Jesus’ name? 

Q4. Why did Jesus call the rich farmer with a bumper harvest, a fool?

Q5. When is the whole body in darkness according to Jesus?

Q6. Whom should we fear, says Jesus?

A1. Jesus speaks about a parable of the fig tree. In this parable, a certain man keeps going to the fig tree seeking fruits. He found none for the last three years. The man, the owner of the garden that has the fig tree, asks the gardener to cut down the tree as it has yielded any fruit in the last three years. 

All this while three without yielding any fruit was burdensome for the ground, reasoned the owner of the vineyard wherein the fig tree grew.

The gardener asked for an additional year. He said he would dig around the tree and manure the tree with dung around it. After a year, if the tree continued to refuse to yield figs, the tree could then be cut. 

We should examine if we are fruitful as we live on the earth? Fruitful from the Kingdom of Heaven perspective. Thus let us not delay in doing good in the name of Christ Jesus.

A2. Yes, it’s best to have Holy Communion with bread and wine/grapefruit juice which has been sanctified. But when the grapefruit juice/wine is over, we should not avoid/ postpone/ delay having the Holy Communion, in case we have a desire to have the Holy Communion.

 During the wedding reception in Cana, when wine was over, Jesus’ help was sought to tide over the crisis as wine got over during the wedding reception. 

Then Jesus asked for water jars to be filled. After praying Jesus asked the same to be served to the master of ceremonies. The Master of Ceremonies (MC)  praised the quality of wine, as it was far superior than the wine offered during the first serving. 

So we can in faith use water, pray over it and sanctify it and go ahead and partake of this in place of grapefruit juice. Having Holy Communion with the right attitude of the is more important than the material constituency of the elements used. 

A3. After healing the sick, Jesus wants us to say: “The Kingdom Of God has come near you.”
Every miracle healing is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God manifesting in our midst. ( Luke 10:9)

A4. The rich and successful farmer was planning what he would do with the great harvest, how he would build a larger warehouse/barn etc. How he had enough money for a few years.

As he was planning all these things about his next few years, Jesus told the man that he would die that night. Jesus called him a fool and told him about the futility of all that planning while he was not rich towards God. (Luke 12: 16-21)

A5. Jesus said that the eye is the lamp of the body. Thus when the eye is good, the whole body is full of light. Whereas when the eye is bad, the whole body is in darkness.

Thus Jesus wants us to be alert so that body is full of light. Note Jesus mentioned full of light, without having any part dark.Then the whale body will be full of light. (Luke 11: 33-36)

A6. Jesus wants us to fear only those who have power to kill us and then cast us to Hell – depriving us from eternal life. The only person who is able to do this is God. 

Thus Jesus wants us, not to fear anyone else, but God. He alone has this power. He tells us not to fear men, who do not have power to do this. (Luke 12: 42-48)