God’s love letter to you

God’s love letter to you

God’s letter specifically to you. Read this a couple of times, just like you read a loved one’s letter again and again. There are interesting nuances you discover after you read them multiple times. Reading aloud shuts out the outside world. Use your name, and go ahead and read it. The sweet incense of God’s love envelops you as you read this love letter.

(Your name), Are you excited about the day?
Every day is a new day.
The situations and circumstances until sunset of yesterday is over with yesterday.

Remember, this is the day that I have made for you.
You have to make a decision and choice to rejoice and be glad in it.
As you do this, you are showing your love for me, you will be showing your trust for me.

I love you.
My love for you does not depend on anything; it does not depend on your performance or lack of performance.

You are my child and I love you.
Your failure or past disobedience do not change the truth that you are my child.

I have already paid the price for you.
With the life of my son Jesus, I have paid the price for sin in your life.
Your soul is very precious to me.

I have paid for it very dearly with the life of my only son Jesus Christ.
The price paid is the ultimate price which I paid with you in mind with joy.
Nothing more is required to wash away your sin and guilt, to make your soul white as snow.
So be free, totally free, from any guilt or condemnation.

You are totally clean, free without any sin.
You are brand-new today.

Today you are my preferred channel for bringing my goodness and mercy to people around you, to the people in your circle of influence.
Be kind to them.
Be generous to them.

Show my love for you by pouring out love, kindness and mercy to others.
Let the people be extremely surprised by your goodness to them in my name.

Have a greatly blessed day.
May the bright, pleasant and warm sun shine on you.
May the starlight twinkle in your night sky.