Favorite verse and a secret prayer

Favorite verse and a secret prayer

Often I ask the favorite verse to the people I come across. This time it was a young lady who had a bright smile and joy was all around her. We came across her as we went to play shuttle badminton. Every weekend on Sunday morning as a family we have an hour to glorify God in a game we like as a family. We get to do so in an airconditioned indoor court.

Back to the lady, we later found out she was from God’s favorite country Uganda. Don’t bother in case you are not from Uganda. Note every country which has God fearing people is the Lord’s favorite. God also blessed Uganda with the greatest find of Gold in the history of the world. But all news is hush hush. A country which outwardly seems to have invested heavily into Africa including this country of Uganda could be exploiting the nation of this great blessing.

The beautiful, joyful young lady was asked her favorite verse. She tried. She said she needs a bit of time. I told my favorite verse. Joy of the Lord is my strength. I asked if this was her verse. Some people who don’t have any specific verse, agree that the verse which I say is their favorite verse. But this bright and beautiful young lady did not agree. She said that she had a different verse, she needs time to recollect this verse and share it with us.

We told we would be going to the court and after our game we would meet her. Requested her by that time she may share the verse the Lord had quickened her to be her favorite verse. What is your favorite verse? As you read the Bible, ask the Lord, he will certainly show you one specific verse. Keep reading daily. One day the Lord will show you a specific verse as being your favorite verse.
After a game, when we returned we went to her. She was in her uniform. White shirt and blue pants. She was a person of authority.

Here is her favorite verse..
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10 NKJV)

On hearing this we rejoiced. The Lord would certainly be directing her path through this verse. It was a moment of great joy and thanksgiving. To each and everyone the Lord reveals a favorite verse – which is staff and a rod, a source of great comfort and guiding us through the options that come across our lives.

As we were leaving this sports place, we asked her if she had any prayer requests. We shall be taking this matter of prayer to the Lord. This young lively lady whispered. I could not hear. We asked once again. She told me. Rather she whispered again. She told me she was pregnant. She wanted a safe delivery.

Please remember this is a secret. Don’t say this aloud. Only a whisper.

We decided to keep this matter in prayer. One day she will deliver. Safe and sound. She will thank the Lord for His faithfulness.

Do you have a favorite verse? Do you know your friends favorite verse? Whom are you praying for today?