Hope and Light of Christmas

Hope and Light of Christmas

God is good. He is good all the time. Here is a letter for you from God this Christmas season. Read this aloud, so you can hear the voice of a loving father. Do not be in a rush. Read it slowly. Your heavenly father has all the time in the world for you. It’s because He loves you. Read this letter aloud.

(Insert your name here) my beloved son (or daughter), you are so precious to me. You are priceless. Do you have any doubts about this?

I sent my son Jesus Christ to the world for you. I did this since I loved you. I send him, knowing fully well that my son Jesus will be crucified of his free will. I did this so that you can be saved from eternal damnation, and instead you have a victorious eternal life.

If I had any other way of saving you, I certainly would not have crucified Jesus, my son. Crucifying Jesus would have been cruel. I love my son, my begotten son. I would not let him be crucified if there were two ways about it.You should know this.

I am saying this as many are being casual about Christmas, about faith in Jesus. I don’t want you to fall into that trap.

The wages of your sin had to be paid for. Only a sinless lamb could become the perfect sacrifice. Hence, my son became the blemishless lamb for your sake.

Jesus, my son was born after a long period of waiting. The prophets had foretold that Jesus would be born. Many prophesies about the birth of Jesus had been there for over 500 years. The anticipation for the saviour was building up all these years. You should also know from the book of Revelation that the plan for sending Jesus Christ as the saviour was drawn up much before the foundations of the world were laid out.

The Jews knew. The Romans who ruled over the Jews knew. The others knew. The people from the east knew. Perhaps the entire world, who was tuned in, was aware.

Just like in your world today, many knew about Jesus even then. But they preferred to live in darkness. Like today many don’t like to step into light. Many use logic and reasoning, knowledge and understanding to step into faith of knowing God.

The shepherds were the first to know about Jesus. The Pharisees, Saducees, the religious teachers missed it. You see a parallel in today? There are many at the pinnacle of Science, Wealth, Church missing it even today.

You may wonder why? The evil one was against God’s plans. He wanted all people to end up in hell. God wanted them in heaven. God is good all the time. The mystery was such that evil forces could only guess. They could not pinpoint.

Are you paying attention my dear son (or daughter)? Do you know that when the wise men inquired of the saviour’s birth, King Herod was threatened? He ordered the wise men of his palace to access the situation. Based on the feedback after their study and research, King Herod made a plan to kill the boy child Jesus. He did not want to take a chance. So he wanted all probable children of his age who were boys to be killed. The evil intent was so strong that instead of one, they let the 10,000’s be destroyed.

Today we have a parallel. Millions of voiceless infants are being killed. There are some people with wealth, science, media and technology. They are threatened. They don’t hesitate to continue what King Herod did. To maintain their position, they are willing to sacrifice the millions unborn.

But God is always many steps ahead. With a dream he had warned Joseph, husband of Mary and father of Jesus. Obedient Joseph was prompt in acting, and the family escaped to Egpty for a season.

Today, the people who trust in God and obey Him, will make moves, and they will be saved. The Wisdom of the Lord is always far superior to the Wisdom of th World.

Baby Jesus and his parents came back from Egypt after King Herod had died, and the threat was no longer there. Joseph had a dream. He was well-informed. People who are in Christ are guided today by dreams, visions, the Word of God and prophets.

My son/daughter if you have not experienced dreams to guide you. Ask for it. Desire for it. Ask continuously. In your reading of the Bible, mark portions which speak to you. Write them down in a notebook. Use my word in your prayers. I am greatly delighted to give you a dream.

My son / daughter, you may ask why I don’t give it the very next day. Son / daughter I want a relationship with you. Keep asking me. Keep talking to me. I like that. I also like you to develop your faith muscles. Isn’t it good to get all these things also done, and you be richer on many counts. That way you receive a multifold benefit and riches, abundantly more than you can ask or ever imagine. There are many things that I desire to give you. But you never know about these things that you are missing. You don’t receive because you never ask.

If you develop a daily and regular relationship, daily conversing with me, this Christmas season will be a turning point in your life. I am always willing and ready. Are you ready to receive it?

Love you much, my sweet darling daughter / son. A warm tight hug for you. You belong to me. I will never leave you or forsake you.