Predictions for President Trump’s 2nd term. No hinderance will block these.

It’s been an exciting year. The elections added to it. The 2020 elections will reverberate in the hearts of Americans for years to come. As America has many relations, it’s among the top 5 most important countries along with the UAE and India for our family.

President Trump’s 2nd term

Although many around me, be it uncles, aunts and cousins identified as democrats or anti-Trump, my rationale was that he would get through. The instance that my mind keeps playing repeatedly is Gideon’s war (Book of Judges, chapter 7). Though he had started with a great number of 32,000, through a series of tests the numbers came down to 10,000 – after the fearful were removed. Then, the people who lapped like dogs were chosen for their weakness. The less capable the army, the more glory goes to Yahveh for the victory and less to man. And with this 300, the Lord gave victory.

So in spite of all that we hear, President Trump will get into the 2nd term. The Lord’s army will get the victory. As a dear friend told, blue or red matters less, the Lord’s perfect plan alone matters & may it come to pass.

Logic, reasoning & every deep analysis can fail, but the Lord’s will alone come to pass “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD” – Proverbs 16:33. Going to sleep. Excited to know the results.