Life changing Declarations on this website (more being updated)

Life changing Declarations

The list of declarations is being updated periodically. Bookmark it if you like them. Share it with your loved ones, in case you think they will benefit.

Amazing and Powerful Prayers and Declarations for Success at Work

Powerful Declarations for growing in the Holy Spirit (based on Romans 8).

Declarations for Purity and Holiness

Declarations for an Abundance of Joy

Declarations for wisdom based on the Bible

Declarations for Victory and Empowerment.

Declare right, change your life circumstances

Declarations for speaking with grace, based on the Holy Bible.

Declaration for Purity & Holiness

Declaration – Wisdom & Understanding

Declaration – Works of my hand

Declarations for inheritance – earthly as well as eternal. Meditating the Word of God

Declarations to grow in Love. Based on the Holy Bible.

Declarations – Spirit of God

Declaration: The Lord makes a way. My prosperity is from him.

Repentance, restoration prayers based on the book of Joel

Declarations for a strong personality based on the Bible

Declarations for seeing what the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard.

Declarations for focus and direction

Christian identity declarations

Declarations for Sons of God

Declarations for a spouse

Rest and sleep declarations

Declarations for family