Giving, loving & lending – a Christain’s standard

Giving, loving & lending

Before we step into the topic, let us examine two brief thoughts. 

Parents and siblings of Jesus.
Jesus was preaching in every city and village of Israel. He was traveling along with his disciples and a few women who had experienced healings and deliverances. When he was preaching a sermon on the sower. The place was full. His mother and siblings had come to see him, but could not enter due to the crowd. Then one of his disciples came and told him that his mother and brothers were standing outside, desiring to meet him. Then Jesus made this statement. He said that His mother and brothers are those that hear the word of God and obey them in doing what it mentions. Luke 8: 21 says, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”

Who is the person who hears the sayings of Jesus and does them like?
Jesus explained two house builders. One who constructed upon the earth without a foundation. When strong currents of water came, the house became a great ruin and was destroyed.

Jesus also explained about another builder who dug deep and laid the foundation on a rock. But even when the flood came and flowed against the house, it was not affected – not even the slightest shaking happened as it was built on rock. Jesus says, this is the type of person – who hears and obeys and does them as he hears the word of God. You can read this in Luke 8: 47-49

Standard of Christian Loving, Doing Good and Lending.
We have great insight on what sinners do in Gospel of Luke 6:32 to 34 as given below.
Sinners nature include:
loving those who love them.
doing good to them that do good.
lending to sinners to receive as much gain.
Doing this way doesn’t make you children of God

love your enemies
be kind and do favors so that someone derives benefit from them
lend, expecting and hoping for nothing in return but considering nothing as lost
despairing of no one;

and then
your reward will be rich, strong, intense, and abundant, and
you will be sons of the Most High.

Your father God is :
good to the ungrateful, selfish and wicked.

Jesus says in Luke 6: 27,28
Love your enemies,
Do good to them that hate you.
Bless them that curse you.
Pray for them that despitefully use you.

I have been able to start to love my enemies and doing to them. But long way to go.

Blessing and praying, need to start.

I need much grace in lending and giving. But as my standard is Jesus, my standard is not my present or past. I shall update you the progress in my walk in 10 days.

All best wishes. In confessing, I have an opportunity to outgrow my shortcomings.