Are you a true friend of Jesus?

Are you a true friend of Jesus

Jesus Christ calls us his friends. A person does not tell a servant everything. Only on a need-to-know basis are matters disclosed.

But Jesus has told us everything. Jesus goes on to say that everything His Father has told him, he has also told us. I do not call you servants any longer, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you [My] friends, because I have revealed to you everything that I have heard from My Father. (John 15:15 version AMP)

A good, dear, close friend knows much about his friend. It’s such a privilege to hear this. But let us see if we are friends of Jesus.

But are all Christians friends of Jesus?
No. We make a choice to be a friend of Jesus. If we continue to do the things Jesus commanded us to do, then we are His friends. Only a surrendered heart, a person driven by passion to please and serve the Lord can consistently obey Lord Jesus.

You are my friends if you keep on doing what I command you. (John 15:14 version AMP)

When is the love of a friend considered great?
There are many sacrifices a person may make for a friend. He may not do these for a stranger, but for a friend, the person would be more than willing.
Of all the sacrifices, giving up one’s life for a friend is great. Jesus has already willingly laid down His life for each one of us.
“This is My commandment, that you love and unselfishly seek the best for one another, just as I have loved you. No one has greater love [nor stronger commitment] than to lay down his own life for his friends.(John 15:12-13 version AMP)

Do we hear all what Jesus says?
Hearing in the kingdom is not by the ears. Jesus perceived the thoughts of people around him. We read it multiple times in the New Testament. When a person has a good relationship with Jesus. When a person is a friend of Jesus, he hears, he perceives. If the friendship is weak due to sin and disobedience, the perceiving and hearing reduces.

So the key to hear is to become a friend of Jesus. Be a true friend of Jesus. Walk and live a life of ongoing obedience.