Growing into Sons of God, Claiming what belongs to you as sons of God

What we do not know does not define the absence or presence of anything.
Just because we do not see the sun shining bright, we cannot conclude the sun is dark at night. But often our understanding gets limited by what we perceive, as we as a default limit our understanding to what we see, what we hear. Some of us even after having grown up through school and college, do not choose to re-write the understanding of our mind that the sun shines 24×7 !

Who gets to become sons of God?
Encounter of Nicodemus with Jesus
Encounter of Nathanael with Jesus
Heritage of sons of God

If our thinking is flawed in matters that we can understand and perceive, how flawed our thinking can be regarding spiritual matters – matters which are unseen. I wish you would read the prior sentence again and let it sink within you.

Becoming Sons of God
John the Baptist bare witness of Jesus Christ saying He that comes after me is preferred before me; for Jesus was before me. John testifies that he saw the Spirit of God descending from Heaven like a dove and it abode upon him.

While law was given by Moses, grace and truth came from Jesus Christ.

When we are born of God, born of the Spirit from above, not of blood, nor of the will of man, we take the right steps in this process.

As we receive Jesus Christ as our one and only saviour, who believe that only Jesus Christ is the saviour, God gives us the power to become the sons of God.

There is a significant thought about what you should expect as sons of God. This will be picked up later in this post. You will be pleasantly amazed, surprised and thoroughly glad that you decided to read this post.

This above portion is referenced from the Gospel of John, chapter 1.

Encounter of Nicodemus with Jesus
We know the interactions of Nicodemus, a Pharisee, a spiritual authority of the Jews. He was essentially a sincere person, a gentle person, who desired to know the truth. He knew Jesus had answers. Probably he also had moments when knew Jesus was the only truth he required to know. So one night, he came to Jesus. He came at night so that others would not know that he had come to see Jesus.

In the quest of truth, some of us have limitations like Nicodemus. We do not want others to know it.

After greeting Jesus, he conversed with Jesus addressing him Teacher, saying that he knew that he(Jesus) was from God, because no one was able to do these miracles without God being with him.

Jesus went directly to the point, he responded, it was necessary that a person is born again (born from above) to see the kingdom of God. The Bible does not record this, but probably, Jesus would have implied that when you see the Kingdom of God, you step into doing miracles. What you see can be what makes you desire outcomes like miracles. (which happens with Heaven’s intervention)

Jesus reiterated that which is born of the flesh is capable only of seeing and knowing the earthly realm, where that which is born of the spiritual realm is able to see and experience the Heavenly dimension, a dimension where miracles are the norm.

Encounter of Nathanael with Jesus
Philip and Nathanael – good friends they were expecting the Saviour. They read the scriptures and their expectation of the saviour was strong and active, they used to speak about their expectation. Philip had already met and known the saviour spoken about in the scripture was the Jesus whom he had met. He told Nathanael the person about whom Moses and the prophets had spoken is around, and he was going to meet him. He knew that his friend Nathanael would be very much eager to meet him. Philip called Nathanael.

Knowing that Jesus was from Nazareth, Nathanael responded, what good can come from Nazareth? Are we quick to judge people based on their background, appearance, even their actions?

Philip did not want to argue. He did not want to debate. He did not want to rationalise by giving more facts. He persuaded his friend with a brief statement, Come and see. It was effective, not in the usage of words, perhaps a sincere desire in love for his friend.

We need to bear in mind that it’s not in wise words, nor powerful words, nor logical reasoning that we can bring a friend to meet Christ, it’s only your ordinary words clothed in love and nurtured in prayer that you can bring them to experiencing an encounter with Jesus Christ.

When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching him, he told, Look, an Israelite in whom there is no guile! Nathanael enquired, from how long ago Jesus had known him(Nathanael). Jesus responded to the gist of the question, saying before Philip called you when you were under the fig tree, I saw you there.

Nathanael quickly confessed, Rabbi, teacher, you are the son of God, you are the King of Israel. This was a statement showing Nathaniel’s belief and faith in Jesus Christ as saviour. Thus, at this point of time, Nathanael stepped into being known as – sons of God.

Heritage of sons of God
At this stage Jesus enquired if he believed in Him because he mentioned that he had seen him under the fig tree? Jesus knew the answer, but yet he asked, since he wanted to give something more amazing.

What Jesus told here was offered to Nathanael, after he professed and believed in Jesus, thus becoming known among, as, sons of God. These become the heritage of you and me who have Jesus as our only saviour – sons of God.

Jesus told Nathanael and to other sons of God.

You will see Open Heavens, the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of man.

Go ahead, consider this, claim this and step into this beautiful heritage as sons of God.