Why should you rejoice?

Why should you rejoice

Do we have many great reasons to rejoice? Yes.
It’s important to remember them.
Not only should we rejoice, we should literally shout with joy.
All because there are great reasons to rejoice and be joyful.

Resurrection power is for you

Resurrection power is for you

Jesus Christ was resurrected 3 days and 3 nights after he was crucified on the cross. He knew his life mission on the earth. He lived with great joy and expectation although he knew he would suffer death. His understanding about defeating the enemy and bringing victory for mankind gave him joy. We have immense joy because Jesus has brought us freedom, righteousness and eternal life. We also have the very same resurrection power of Jesus Christ available to us. With the Holy Spirit’s help we can have it.

Brief on Jesus Christ

Father God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit together make the triune God. Jesus Christ is also known as Emauelle, meaning God is with us. Before the foundation of the world, God’s plan included sending Jesus Christ to earth on a mission for salvation of mankind.

Many of you remember that God created Adam and Eve and they were placed in the garden of Eden. There was only one stipulation. Only from one specific tree God had asked them not to eat from. Mankind was blessed with free will. And God had desired obedience in this one matter.

Ignore the enemy’s noise

We get to hear voices and noises. Noises in this blog post are sound waves that disturb and distract us from hearing the voice. The voice is what you hear from God.

What you hear can push you out from the Garden.
In the very beginning of the Bible we have the book of Genesis. In the book, we see after God created Adam and later he created Eve. God spoke to Adam. Then Adam told Eve God’s instruction. But Satan in the form of a serpent spoke to Eve. The serpent twisted the truth spoken by God to Adam and Adam to Eve and tempted her to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Is not often temptation often glorifying the short term and the quick and easy option. Eve used logic and reasoning and decided to follow the crafty voice of the serpent. Eve considered it wise in her own eyes to follow the enticement of the serpent rather than following the instruction and truth told by God to Adam and what Adam had told Eve.