Bible Quiz on Abraham’s faith

Bible Abraham's Questions

The quiz is based on Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 4. The Bible version used for compiling this Quiz is the NKJV. Click here to read ROMANS 4 NKJV – Abraham Justified by Faith – What then – Bible Gateway. After you go through the questions, answer them yourself, probably writing your answers, only then consider referring to the answers given below. This way you will benefit the most.

Question 1) What made Abraham righteous?

Question 2) What is blessed as per verses 7 and 8?

Question 3) Why is Abraham considered to be not weak in faith? ( Refer verse 19)

Question 4 ) Why did Abraham not stagger at the promise of God? Did he have unbelief? ( Refer verse 20)

Question 5) What was Abraham fully persuaded about? ( Refer verse 21)

Question 6) Which question among 3, 4 and 5 resonates more with your life now? Answer none of the above or specific question or a combination.

Go through the answers below only after you have tried answering the questions above yourself.

Answer 1 ) Abraham’s belief in God, i.e. his faith in God made him righteous. Abraham received the promise that he would be the heir of the world through righteousness through faith. (reference verse 3, 5, 13)

Answer 2) Verse 7 and 8 speak about those who have faith in God and believe that only God is all sufficient in all things, He is able to fulfill the promises without being limited by limitations known to man.
Blessed are those whose deeds breaking the laws are forgiven.
Blessed are those whose sins are covered,
Blessed are those whom God does not hold responsible (impute) for their sins and shortcomings.

Answer 3) Abraham was not considered weak in faith. Rather he was considered strong in faith since he did not consider his age (being 100) and the deadness of Sarah’s womb being a limitation to God for fulfilling His promises to God.

Answer 4) Abraham knew God was almighty. Abraham had left Iraq when he was 75. In all his decision making whenever the Lord nudged him, he obeyed as he knew the faithfulness of God. So he did not waver in unbelief. Rather he was strengthened in faith.

Answer 5) Abraham knew the all-powerful and all mighty nature of God well when he was 100. He definitely had a 25-year journey with God since he left his father’s home in Iraq when he was 75. Probably even longer. The past track record and his knowing God made him fully persuaded about God and about God’s promises towards him.

Answer 6) Question 5 – Abraham being fully persuaded that God is fully capable of delivering His promises is huge for me. Many a time, although I have seen God’s faithfulness, in spite of God’s track record, I have not found myself obedient and quick to obey His nudges and instructions.