What Jesus Liked? Disliked?

What did Jesus like and dislike

What did Jesus like? dislike?

The Bible shows from specific situations what Jesus likes and what He dislikes. When one knows these, as lovers of Jesus we can go on the path to please and delight Jesus. 

For one, He loves us so much that He endured the cross for us, washing away our sins, making us righteous. And with His resurrection, we were made in right standing with God. The only response to His love is to love Him and to please Him. On the flip side, it’s important to know what displeases Jesus and avoid going that path.

Bible Quiz: Difference Between New Vs Old Testament

difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament

The Holy Bible is divided into two. One set of books is called the Old Testament, the other set is the New Testament. Many do not know the essential difference. When we know better, we can apply that understanding to get greater fruitfulness from our lives. 


So that, (1) We bring glory and honour to the Lord to a better extent.
              (2) We have a fulfilling life as per the plans and purposes of God. 

Why trust in God?

Why trust in God?

Whom do you trust? What do you trust?
For your happiness.
For your joy.
For your peace.
For your life?
There are so many options. But are they all worth it?
Do they deliver what they propose they would?