7 Life-Transforming Benefits of a Pure Heart

7 reasons why you should desire to have a Pure Heart

The Bible gives great importance to the heart. We know the verse which urges us to guard our heart with all diligence. Some other versions of the Bible mention it as, watch over our hearts with all care, utmost care.

All this points to the great importance of keeping a check on what we think and consider and allow our minds to have thoughts about and continue thinking about. Not the word all diligence, all care, utmost care. Essentially pointing that absolutely nothing should be allowed to cross this gate/checkpoint without your intentional approval. Nothing approved should be allowed in. Not to be casual about matters brought for thinking for a moment or longer. The moment you sense it as an unhealthy thought, just change that thought, better still go into a thought acceptable by God. You just do not want to even have a trace of poison thought. Every thought is either healthy or poisonous. Poisons are of various grades – those that induce sudden death or slow death – both are to be hated and not considered. 

Why Obey Parents?

Why Obey Parents

Many know obeying parents is important. However knowing the Biblical perspective will help you have a far superior understanding. This will then change the way you obey and bless you richly.

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Tennis Elbow Healing Testimonies

Tennis Elbow Healing Testimonies

Jesus Christ is our healer. By the stripes of Jesus we are healed. Here we have collected four instances of healing testimonies of tennis elbow ailment. A few weeks ago my brother told me he was suffering from Tennis Elbow. I came to know about the painful suffering he goes through. He came on holiday to stay with us. Every night he would carry an ice pack to his room to alleviate the pain during the night. As part of the prayer for healing, I was on a quest to find instances of healing testimonies for this healing. I have experienced first hand when we share, hear about Lord Jesus healing a person, how many others hearing and knowing about the healing become recipients of those healings. So many times this has happened. Hence I started searching for tennis elbow healings.