Your God watches over you – All the time!

It’s just amazing to think about Gods faithfulness towards us. So many times when we are not at all aware, God protects us. Its not only when we are awake or asleep or when we are least aeware of it. 

Here we have Psalm 121:4 which assures us that God watches over us all the time. The verse from 3 versions of the Bible are given below.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. (version KJV)
He will never slumber nor sleep; he is the Guardian-God for his people, Israel.(version TPT)
Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps. (version NLT)

The Psalmist declares that the Lord is his keeper, keeping him safe, preserving him. The Hebrew word shamar translates into keeps and preserves is used in the original version of the Bible in this psalm. God watches over his people like the watchman watches over the city.
Israel implies people of God, very own dear people.

This is truly comforting, knowing that if it’s a bright day or dark night, the Lord’s watchful eyes are over you. Even if it’s the darkest with issues around us be rest assured that our God keeps you secure.

Watchful eyes of a strong watchman alerts you from impending danger ahead of time. Watchful eyes make the enemy give up plans of a surprise attack as they know it will backfire and will be futile.

Psalm 121 known as a song of Ascents, is sung by travellers declaring their trust in God through the journey. David Livingston the famous missionary to Africa often read this psalm.

Be on this thought throughout the day and night!