You should prophesy. Your Creator expects you to

Awareness is the key to becoming what we should be. Since many are not aware of our identity, we do not become. This is true about the prophetic nature in us.

Genesis 1:26 says, God made man in His image and Likeness. We know that God is most prophetic. This thought amazes me beyond all comprehension. In creation, he said and it became so. Go through the 7 days of creation and rest. Each day of creation, we see a prophetic act of mind-boggling proportions.

Since God made man in his image & likeness, the prophetic nature of God is also a portion of each one of us. Rather it’s in our nature in God to be prophecy. Else it’s similar to not using feet in the physical realm of our body.

God called Abraham, while he was still Abram. When God called him Abraham, father of many nations, he did not even have a child. He was 90+. Abram wondered how he could become a father of nations when he was father to no one !! But Gods prophetic word did not consider the limitations of age, body or even his wives age.

In spite of the mountain of limitations all around Abram, God made a way for Abram to be Abraham. Ultimately Abraham not only had Issac, who later had Jacob and so on his children and their children and their children become the story of a stream transforming into a mighty ocean. Through Jesus, all the sinners and outcast like us were added into the lineage of Abraham. And through Paul, the Gentiles were also added and thus the prophetic word to Abraham has come to pass.

What God did in naming Abraham and prophesying into his future is our portion, since we were made in the image and likeness of God. So just like God who called Abram into becoming what was beyond human understanding & expectations you are capable of doing.

Each time we have a child and bring up the little one we have the potential of God in naming and shaping an Abraham from Abram. So choosing a name for your child is not to be taken casually. Give considerable thought. I never knew these aspects, but God in his mercy guided my wife and I together. Both of our sons’ names were independently chosen, and yet we had in a miraculous way arrived at an identical name!! Do not despair that you have already named your child. As parents, both of you can certainly go into the presence of God and seek His guidance for a pet name or an adjective/role model to go with your child’s name. And in your home start reminding your child that he is say, Samuel the prophet, Daniel the wise minister and so on.

Shall share more insights & opportunities into the prophecies you can roll out in your family, your friends.