The presence of God will give us rest

Exodus 33:14 is an assurance from God to Moses. Here is the verse from 3 versions of the Bible. What God offers to Moses is available to each one of us. In Acts 10:34, apostle Peter says that “God is no respecter of persons”. Thus what God gives to Moses is also avaialble for us.

Rest is a requirement, rest rejuvenates. It changes routine, we get to see things from a different perspective. When we go through a busy routine daily, we neither consider nor notice many people, many beautiful aspects of the nature and surroundings around you. Rat race reduces vision!

For taking rest, trust is required. Trusting people whom you entrusted responsibilities would rise up to expectations. Trusting family members to do the needful. While some may fail, giving feedback and taking corrective steps is required. Remember how you have improved by receiving feedback.

For taking rest, trusting the Lord, our savior is necessary. Our Creator who has written our name on the palm of his hand, loves us. Our Rock and Strong Tower is always with us, as an unshakable well protected fortress.

He’s always with us. He never sleeps and slumbers. He’s always watchful.

We may feel week, lacking wisdom. But if His presence is with us, if we go by the path which is the delight of the Lord, he will keep us secure, guide us, protect us. There is no reason for any kind of fear.

Our Lord is the Prince of Peace. Hence our Lord has given us what we require to become victorious, He leads us in the paths of righteousness.

Feeling lack and fearful and week is natural as we are in adequate in ourselves. But the greater truth what we need to be aware is that the Lord is with us. His presence is with us. Thus, with Peace and no anxiety we can face tomorrow, we can take our next steps.

Seek the presence of the Lord, because of Him, without striving we can accomplish, through rest we can progress towards the Lords plan and purpose from our lives. Have a blessed day.