Do you want to hear the voice of God?

Do you want to hear the voice of God?

If you desire to hear the voice of God, you can.
Here are a few simple steps.

  1. Desire to hear from HIM.

Nurture this desire. Remember to desire this daily. Desire to hear HIM in the morning after you wake up. Desire to hear him before you go to sleep. You can choose to desire to hear him when you travel daily as well.

Do you want a sign from the LORD?

Do you want a sign from the LORD?

Hezekiah was told by Isaiah, to set matters in order as he was going to die. That way, the Lord, through his mouthpiece Prophet Isaiah, was kind to King Hezekiah. Now, King Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death. Hezekiah had 2 options: a) to receive the word released by the prophet & start acting on it or b) to make a choice to request for a change.

Ideally, King Hezekiah should have taken the instruction & gone ahead by organizing his Kingdom’s administrative matters, assigning responsibilities, equipping his deputies and sharing his vision for the nation with the next in line as well as the ministers. He would also have had many personal matters to settle – assigning people in his family various responsibilities and blessing his relations & friends – as he was preparing for the trip to his heavenly abode.

Seems like you’re Mary, the mother of Jesus

Seems like you’re Mary, the mother of Jesus

In our church, many have sung the popular hymn, ‘I surrender all’. If you don’t remember, watch the YouTube video by clicking this link – I surrender all.

When we read & hear the WORD of God, we are encouraged to retain it. As we meditate on it, we desire that our thoughts and actions are shaped by the WORD. Thus, we become transformed into the manifestation of Christ Jesus. I shall add verses supporting these thoughts.

An Apt Word In Time That None Can Resist

Our Lord & Saviour has all the wisdom. He has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit. He’s the Comforter & Counsellor. Wisdom for any situation is available from him. I have known it many times. But more times, never acknowledged it, never testified.


Knowing this process, I make His Kingdom expand & thrive on the earth, I decided to testify this. Knowing that what you become aware of, what one celebrates & what I testify, can encourage & even be the reason for many to experience this.

President Trump’s 2nd term

It’s been an exciting year. The elections added to it. The 2020 elections will reverberate in the hearts of Americans for years to come. As America has many relations, it’s among the top 5 most important countries along with the UAE and India for our family.

President Trump's 2nd term

Although many around me, be it uncles, aunts and cousins identified as democrats or anti-Trump, my rationale was that he would get through. The instance that my mind keeps playing repeatedly is Gideon’s war (Book of Judges, chapter 7). Though he had started with a great number of 32,000, through a series of tests the numbers came down to 10,000 – after the fearful were removed. Then, the people who lapped like dogs were chosen for their weakness. The less capable the army, the more glory goes to Yahveh for the victory and less to man. And with this 300, the Lord gave victory.

Have you not known? Have you not heard?

Have you not known? Have you not heard?

These are two questions the prophet Isaiah asks in the Holy Bible. The book of Isaiah is a book in the Old Testament. It is one of the 66 books of the Bible, the Book Of Isaiah. The verse you see on the title of this article is from Chapter 40 verses 28.

I was reading this chapter and read it many times over. I did so for a few weeks. I was aware that there is more depth than what I understood when I first read it.. What do you understand from this verse? When we read 1GL, 2GL, 3GL, 4GL, 5GL in the context of computer science, we know that the are beyond alphanumeric numbers. Thus even in this verse, there is certainly a deeper connotation.

Worshiping HIM – without being a singer

Workship God

I am in many ages all at one time. As a worshipper I am bouncing between the primary school & the secondary school, restless to go to secondary school. As a lover of God, I am in the kindergarten, although I wish to be raise up to the high school. As a social role, I am a Husband & a Dad. Yeah, a graduate in engineering, an entrepreneur. Physically, many rate me with the strength & vitality of a healthy early 30’s guy.

I have always been amazed, right from high school of the immense & deep devotion for Jesus of the men & women of faith, be it John the apostle, St. Francis of Assisi. I skimmed through the writings of the saints & wondered what drew their love for Christ, Jesus Christ. Now years and even decades later, feel sad that I had not perused any of the writings, taking deep dive & fathoming these books/writings.