The passionate, wholehearted, persistent prayer of a righteous man has tremendous miracle working power. Meditating the Word of God

The verse we look at is from the Gospel of James 5:16b. We have it in 3 versions.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (version NLT)

For tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer! (version TPT)

Bible Reading, My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped

 My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped

Today’s verse is from Psalm 28: 6,7. Here is  the verse from three versions of the Bible.

Blessed be the Lord,
Because He has heard the voice of my supplication.
The Lord is my strength and my [impenetrable] shield;
My heart trusts [with unwavering confidence] in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices,
And with my song I shall thank Him and praise Him.
(version AMP)

7 reasons why you should desire to have a Pure Heart

Heart Image

Pure gold, pure silver is valued more and desired more. We come across impure items naturally in nature. To transform them into purity requires time and effort. Time and efforts needs to be put to transform items, be it gold, silver, water, or even a human heart into a state of purity. Pure items are in demand & are treasured.

Consider drinking water, although water may be available in plenty, when visiting many cities and villages, you are cautioned to drink only bottled mineral water or distilled water. Drinking anything else is generally associated with risking various sickness including diarrhea. While a glass of water which is not a bottled mineral water may look identical to a glass tap water, what follows can be a different experience, which is regretted. In many cases, both glasses of water may look similar & even taste similar, but the difference is felt after a day or so. While one glass of water may give ongoing refreshing, the other can result is frequent toilet visits. It is only heeding to the warning and experience of others, which guides one to continually decide in favor of pure mineral or distilled drinking bottled water.