Is Mary, Jesus’ mother, superior to you? + more fun Bible quiz!

Is Mary, Jesus' mother, superior to you?

Many learn History, Geography, Carpentry, Law, Economics and many other subjects to earn a living. But when it comes to learning the Bible, many do not put in any effort. The reason is often simple ignorance of the benefits of learning the Bible. Some think that they know the Bible from the sermons they hear at church. Many are aware that the Bible not only teaches one about one’s purpose in life, about how to delight God and shows the pathway to eternal life. Some postpone learning the Bible until after retirement. Many are ignorant that spiritual principles in the Bible are superior to the worldly principles of life and lead to wholesome, successful lives with an abundance of Peace, Joy and Love.

Bible Quiz. How to persuade a prince? What does God hate? & other questions.

What does God hate?

The Bible has answers for all situations and challenges in life. Instead of fast reading, if you are the type who soaks your mind with the verses you read, you will grow in wisdom and discretion. Do not read through the questions and scroll down for the answers. After reading each question, try answering them to the best of your ability. Better still is to scribble your answer, move on through all the eight questions, trying to answer them, before going for the answers. All answers have the verse reference mentioned as well.

Bible Quiz For Today

Your Heavenly Father speaks to you daily. But often we don’t hear Him since we are extremely busy, since we do not have time. We do not have time to remain still.

Reading the Bible is one certain way to start communicating with God. As always we need to start spending time when we decide to read the Bible as a daily habit. Be away from all distractions before you start reading the Bible. And when you do so regularly, you will start hearing what the Lord is speaking to you from the Bible portion you are reading.

Who Knows The Secret of the Lord? And 7 Interesting Bible Quiz

Be successful. Know the answers from the Bible perspective

Many questions have different answers. But the answers  gleaned from the textbook which is part of the syllabus gets the greatest weightage. Better grades and marks are most likely this way. As Christians, we find that we need to improve our learning of the Bible – the user manual which comes for each one of us to live a renewed life. These FAQs are meant to help us in our understanding and our using this great opportunity of a lifetime.