Repentance – processing a repentant heart – 2nd Chronicles

I have many shortcomings. I have sinned as an individual. I have sinned corporately, as a family, as a church, as a company, as a city, as a nation, as mankind. In spite of this sinful nature and multitude of sins, it’s not easy to be weighed down due to sin because of the blindness of my soul. I wonder why I do not find it easy to repent, although I want to.

Do you want to stand before kings? Keys from the Book of Proverbs.

After reading the 22nd chapter of the Book of Proverbs, I was struck by the beauty and power of a few verses. When I discovered these precious thoughts, I decided to wait until I owned them fully. Anyone who desires them can do so. How do I own precious pearls of truth and wisdom in the Bible? I ask the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to give me the grace to lead a life possessed by the truth. Hence, I would ponder on these precious truths until they became part of my nature, character, and mindset.