Bible Quiz. How to persuade a prince? What does God hate? & other questions.

What does God hate?

The Bible has answers for all situations and challenges in life. Instead of fast reading, if you are the type who soaks your mind with the verses you read, you will grow in wisdom and discretion. Do not read through the questions and scroll down for the answers. After reading each question, try answering them to the best of your ability. Better still is to scribble your answer, move on through all the eight questions, trying to answer them, before going for the answers. All answers have the verse reference mentioned as well.

The Lord will remind the King. The King will remember.

The Lord will remind the King.

It’s not easy to take up a matter with the King. Even if it’s a democratically elected ruler, to get his attention is not easy. Things change when a matter is in God’s plan, in God’s agenda. But when God champions a cause, things change. Neither time, neither geographic region, nor religion is a limitation when God decides to remind the King to accomplish God’s prophecy.

Declarations for wisdom based on the Bible

Declarations for wisdom based on the Bible.

These declarations are Bible based, hence powerful. Declare these with faith, remembering that the Word of God is always true. Some of you may need to start a daily habit of reading the Bible in the morning and evening and through the day develop a habit of meditating on a specific verse. Many of the declarations below are from Psalms 119.

Shhh… Top Secret. How can you remain beautiful …all ages?

How can you remain beautiful

We like beauty. We want to stay beautiful. The value of the beauty industry points to the great desire to remain beautiful. In 2019, the beauty industry was @ US$532 billion business across the world. The industry grows by 5%-to-7% compound annual rate of growth to approx $800 billion by 2025. ( The OTC (over the counter) drugs industry was at US$ 161 billion in 2021, expected to reach US$ 294 billion by 2030, growing at a registered CAGR of 6.9% (2021 to 2030). Whereas in 2019 the global pharma industry was @ US$ 1,300 billion.).