Perseverance, a significant character for a Christian

In a day and age in which quick solutions are popular, we recall how our parents persevered in bringing us up. Often they were so certain about the goodness in us, they made it plain that we could do it much better. When we had self-doubt about our ability, they were so certain that when we tried longer, when we tried more often, the results would be so different. Often it seemed that they knew for certain what could become of us, they did not have any doubt. They preserved in all certainty. We did not realise it then, but we realise it now.

Words we speak & the power to change – get the Bible perspective
Words can build a pathway of wholesomeness

We use words to praise God, worship Him and to glorify God. We use words in our prayers. Although when praying in tongues, we don’t use words, we go beyond words.
But in all these, God sees our heart. So words, although important, are of lesser importance in our communication with God!

Who Knows The Secret of the Lord? And 7 Interesting Bible Quiz

Be successful. Know the answers from the Bible perspective

Many questions have different answers. But the answers  gleaned from the textbook which is part of the syllabus gets the greatest weightage. Better grades and marks are most likely this way. As Christians, we find that we need to improve our learning of the Bible – the user manual which comes for each one of us to live a renewed life. These FAQs are meant to help us in our understanding and our using this great opportunity of a lifetime.