Worshiping HIM – without being a singer

Workship God

I am in many ages all at one time. As a worshipper I am bouncing between the primary school & the secondary school, restless to go to secondary school. As a lover of God, I am in the kindergarten, although I wish to be raise up to the high school. As a social role, I am a Husband & a Dad. Yeah, a graduate in engineering, an entrepreneur. Physically, many rate me with the strength & vitality of a healthy early 30’s guy.

I have always been amazed, right from high school of the immense & deep devotion for Jesus of the men & women of faith, be it John the apostle, St. Francis of Assisi. I skimmed through the writings of the saints & wondered what drew their love for Christ, Jesus Christ. Now years and even decades later, feel sad that I had not perused any of the writings, taking deep dive & fathoming these books/writings.